How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Grill Ruidoso

There’s nothing more enjoyable to food lovers everywhere than firing up the gas grill and creating some delicious meals, whether steaks, burgers, bratwursts or healthy home-grown vegetables. Keeping that gas grill in good shape is, therefore, paramount to happy outdoor barbecues and family gatherings. And here’s something we all know: Outdoor gas grills don’t clean […] Read more »

Ruidoso Should You Wash Cushion Covers?

It’s a very easy thing to do… you notice your sofa cushions are a little dingy, which is perfectly normal with kids, pets and normal usage. So you decide to do-it-yourself and wash the cushion covers. They come out looking nice. But you also notice a little problem. The colors aren’t as bright as they […] Read more »

Ruidoso IS Your Carpet Smelly

Ruidoso N.M. So Your Carpet Is Smelly… There are many reasons why a Ruidoso carpet can become smelly, from pet odors to heavy soiling and other causes. However, what some don’t realize is a little water intrusion can cause a big problem with the condition of their carpet, even after it seems the carpet has […] Read more »

Always Do This When Cleaning

Taking care of  cleaning chores around the home, Cabin is something homeowners have engaged in since houses were invented. Not much thought goes into it other than it just needs done. However, some specialized tasks, such as removing a spot from a carpet, getting rid of an irritating pet odor from the family dog or […] Read more »

Ruidoso Protect Yourself

There aren’t many events that are more disturbing or more tragic than a flood or fire in your Ruidoso home / Cabin. Your home is a place to raise your family. It’s a place to feel safe and secure. So when an event occurs that takes it all away from you — even temporarily — […] Read more »

Leaks Happen in Ruidoso – Be Ready!

You know the normal sounds your Ruidoso home makes. The air conditioner kicking on as the dog days of summer begin. The heating system starting up on a cold, winter evening. The creak of a loose floorboard as someone rises early in the morning. What you don’t normally hear — and you do not want […] Read more »

Spot and stain free!

Guilty! (but it will be OK) DID YOU KNOW that the devastation of spilling something like Kool-Aid, grape juice, and other fruit drinks doesn’t have to be that… devastating? So you have kids, grand kids, or some other Ruidoso kids come over, and they want something to drink. They surely don’t want Ruidoso water from the […] Read more »

Spring Cleanup in Ruidoso

It’s finally here… spring! Most Ruidoso homeowners use the spring season to clean up the house, going through closets and drawers and even cleaning out the garage. Most schedule in-home necessary services, such as professional carpet cleaning, so don’t forget that important part of your spring cleaning routine. What most don’t think about is spring […] Read more »

Mans Best Friend

DID YOU KNOW that mans best friend can actually become your worst nightmare? That’s right. He’s cuddly, cute and you love him, but sometimes he has a problem with “accidents” and pretty soon, you start to notice the… ummm… odiferous situation. Besides the obvious occasional accident from Fido, his hair can also be an issue. […] Read more »